• No Tailgating/Grills

  • No Dogs or Pets of any kind are allowed on the property

  • No Alcohol / Tobacco / Or any Vaping Products

Always Watch your children!

  • Please help us out by supervising your non-participating children.
  • There is absolutely NO climbing on the Tree’s that surround the Lower Pavilion. These Tree’s were all planted following the passing of an Important Member of WGAC and we would greatly appreciate your help in making sure all children stay off of them for their safety.
  • There is NO climbing on the Lower Goal Posts.

We don’t want anyone getting hurt or have field equipment damaged.

Field Numbers

Field 5-7 (1)

WGAC Zero Tolerance behavior:

Please remember that at all games, home and away, we must always support our kids in a positive manner. This is very important. We have a “ZERO Tolerance Policy” for our property and organization.

Negative cheering or comments by anyone towards anyone (players, coaches, referees and spectators)  at a game will never be tolerated.

There will be no warning and you will be asked to leave the property. Please remember that our cheerleaders and football players are very young and most of them have their younger brothers and sisters at the games. Please think first before you make a negative comment. We encourage POSITIVE cheering.
Do not ever drop off anyone at the park entrance (no exceptions). It creates a safety issue. Please be considerate in parking as we have limited parking.