Equipment Maintenance


  1. Place mouthpiece in mouth. If it is too long cut the back edges with scissors so it is the right length.
  2. Boil water. Place mouthpiece in water holding the end that attaches to helmet for 20 seconds or until mouthpiece goes limp.
  3. Once limp, dip in cold water for one second.
  4. Place in child’s mouth positioned tightly against upper teeth.
  5. Have child to bite down for 10 seconds, sucking to pull the mouthpiece tightly against upper teeth.
  6. Dip mouthpiece in cold water for 10 seconds.

If child bites a hole in it, then it was too soft. Ask your coach for another mouthpiece and repeat.


Wash mouthpieces once per week with soap and water.


Wash practice pants only once per week (during weekend). This saves you and us money(replacement of pants). Check wear and tear of pants once per week.


Disinfect shoulder pads once per week with something similar to Lysol. Check wear and tear of shoulder pad strings once per week.


Disinfect helmets once per week with something similar to Lysol. Shine your helmets with pledge or similar agent before every game. Check helmet screws to ensure they are all tight once per week.


If you have an equipment problem, please see your team equipment manager or your coach.